Household, Industrial & Institutional Chemicals

Household, Industrial & Institutional Chemicals distribution and supply
Wego Chemical Group is a global importer, supplier and distributor of household, industrial and institutional chemicals. Wego has established long-standing partnerships with manufacturers of products with applications and uses in the household, industrial and institutional chemicals industry. Our strong worldwide network establishes Wego as a premier supplier for household, industrial and institutional chemical products around the world.

With decades of experience in sourcing and logistics management, Wego provides companies in need of household, industrial and institutional chemicals with value-added supply chain solutions. We source reliably high quality components and have the expertise and diligence to reliably and efficiently service our customers.

Wego's products include but are not limited to: acids, acrylates, alcohols, amines, glycols, oils, pigments, polymers, solvents, surfactants and other additives. Wego always ensures our supply of products meet the highest standards in production, quality, safety and service.

Chemicals in the Household, Industrial & Institutional Chemicals category

Name CAS # Categories
1-Naphthol 90-15-3 Request info
4-Hydroxyacetophenone 99-93-4 Request info
Ammonium Bifluoride 1341-49-7 Request info
Ammonium Persulfate 7727-54-0 Request info
Ascorbic Acid 50-81-7 Request info
Beryllium Chloride 7787-47-5 Request info
Beryllium Oxide 1304-56-9 Request info
Calcium Chloride 10043-52-4 Request info
Chloromethylisothiazolinone 26172-55-4 Request info
Citric Acid Anhydrous 77-92-9 Request info
Citric Acid Monohydrate 5949-29-1 Request info
Denatonium Benzoate 3734-33-6 Request info
Dibenzylamine 103-49-1 Request info
Dichloroisocyanuric Acid 2782-57-2 Request info
Diisopropanolamine 110-97-4 Request info
Dioctyl Adipate 123-79-5 Request info
Ethyl Acetate 141-78-6 Request info
Glycolic Acid 79-14-1 Request info
Hydrofluoric Acid 7664-39-3 Request info
Hypophosphorous Acid 6303-21-5 Request info
m-Toluic Acid 99-04-7 Request info
Methanesulfonic Acid 75-75-2 Request info
Methylene Chloride 75-09-2 Request info
Monoisopropanolamine 78-96-6 Request info
Monopotassium Phosphate 7778-77-0 Request info
N-Octyl Pyrrolidone 2687-94-7 Request info
N-Propylbromide 106-94-5 Request info
Oxalic Acid 144-62-7 Request info
Para-Dichlorobenzene 106-46-7 Request info
Parachlorobenzotrifluoride 98-56-6 Request info
Phosphoric Acid 7664-38-2 Request info
Phosphorus Pentoxide 1314-56-3 Request info
Polyphosphoric Acid 8017-16-1 Request info
Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone 9003-39-8 Request info
Potassium Carbonate 584-08-7 Request info
Potassium Hydroxide 1310-58-3 Request info
Potassium Persulfate 7727-21-1 Request info
Propylene Glycol 57-55-6 Request info
Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether Acetate 108-65-6 Request info
Sodium Aluminate 1302-42-7 Request info
Sodium Benzoate 532-32-1 Request info
Sodium Bifluoride 1333-83-1 Request info
Sodium Hydrosulfide 16721-80-5 Request info
Sodium Perborate Monohydrate 10332-33-9 Request info
Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate 10486-00-7 Request info
Sodium Percarbonate 15630-89-4 Request info
Sodium Persulfate 7775-27-1 Request info
Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous 7757-82-6 Request info
Sodium Tripolyphosphate 7758-29-4 Request info
Stannous Chloride 7772-99-8 Request info
Strontium Hydroxide 18480-07-4 Request info
Sulfamic Acid 5329-14-6 Request info
Tert-Butyl Acetate 540-88-5 Request info
Tetraacetylethylenediamine 10543-57-4 Request info
Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate 7722-88-5 Request info
Tetrasodium Salt Dihydrate 10378-23-1 Request info
Trichloroethylene 79-01-6 Request info
Trichloroisocyanuric Acid 87-90-1 Request info
Triisopropanolamine 122-20-3 Request info
Trisodium Phosphate Dodecahydrate 10101-89-0 Request info
Xanthan Gum 11138-66-2 Request info
Zinc Sulfate 7733-02-0 Request info