Petroleum Additives

Petroleum Additives distribution and supply
As a supplier and distributor of petroleum additive chemicals, Wego Chemical Group partners with the world's leading manufacturers to bring our customers a range of commodity and specialty products for the petroleum additives industry. Wego's petroleum additive products sell to various end users for numerous applications and uses.

Petroleum additive manufacturers around the world depend on Wego to supply raw materials. Wego's long-standing relationships and chemical industry knowledge make us a reliable supplier for petroleum additive products in nations across the globe.

Wego's products include but are not limited to: acids, acrylates, alcohols, amines, glycols, oils, pigments, polymers, solvents, surfactants and other additives. Wego always ensures our supply of products meet the highest standards in production, quality, safety and service.

Chemicals in the Petroleum Additives category

Name CAS # Categories
2-Ethylhexyl Methacrylate 688-84-6 Request info
2-Ethylhexyl Oleate 26399-02-0 Request info
Beta Naphthol 135-19-3 Request info
Butylated Hydroxytoluene 128-37-0 Request info
Calcium Sulfonate Mixture Request info
Citric Acid Anhydrous 77-92-9 Request info
Citric Acid Monohydrate 5949-29-1 Request info
Dibenzylamine 103-49-1 Request info
Dibutyl Carbonate 542-52-9 Request info
Dimethyl Carbonate 616-38-6 Request info
Dodecanedioic Acid 693-23-2 Request info
Ethyl Acetate 141-78-6 Request info
Hydrolyzed Polymaleic Anhydride 26099-09-2 Request info
Phosphorus Pentoxide 1314-56-3 Request info
Primary Emulsifier 68476-34-6 Request info
Propylene Carbonate 108-32-7 Request info
Sodium Perborate Monohydrate 10332-33-9 Request info
Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate 10486-00-7 Request info
Triacetin 102-76-1 Request info
Trifluoroacetic Acid 76-05-1 Request info
Trimethylolpropane Trioleate 57675-44-2 Request info