What We Do

Chemical supply chain supplier and distributor with strong solutions in warehousing and logistics.

A full service chemical supplier and distributor, providing efficient and cost-effective supply chain solutions

The core of what we do at Wego is to provide supply chain solutions to our customers for chemicals, minerals and other raw materials. Service is central to what we offer as a chemical supplier and distributor to a wide range of industries and applications.

  • Dedicated team of highly experienced professionals administering entire distribution process from sourcing to sales and customer service
  • Specialists organized by product and location
  • Custom-tailored solutions designed to meet customer needs
  • Efficient warehousing of chemicals based on customers' demand cycle
  • Full-time teams in four locations across China
  • Daily interaction with manufacturing partners
  • Synergy across sales offices and sourcing offices
  • Auditing of new manufacturing partners for quality and reliability
  • Dedicated logistics teams in all sourcing and sales regions
  • Long term relationships with shipping lines and agents
  • National contracts for LTL and truckload trucking services
  • Regional customs brokerage services
  • Vast warehousing network across the U.S. and internationally
  • Robust tracking of product shipments from order initiation to delivery
  • Dedicated regional teams focused on servicing customer orders
  • Unique solutions based on customers' logistical requirements
  • Proactive communication of product and shipment information with customers