Wego Chemical Group is one of the leading global suppliers of Glycine. It is also known as Amino Acetic Acid and can be found under CAS number 56-40-6, EINECS number 200-272-2 and E-number E640. The molecular formula of Glycine is C2H5NO2 and we can offer it as odorless, white crystalline powder. Glycine is produced on an industrial scale by reacting ammonia with monochloroacetic acid in an aqueous medium.

Glycine is an important intermediate in the fine chemical industry. It can be used as buffering agent, in chemical synthesis, in herbicide, in pharmaceutical industry and as feed and food additive like in sports nutrition. It complies with USP, EP, BP, FCC and E640 standard. This product is also fully Reach registered by Wego for delivery in Europe.

As a leading supplier, Wego provides efficient and reliable logistics management, handling, stocking and delivery of chemical products like Glycine. We stock locally in various warehouses across USA, South America and Europe and can deliver in 25kg, 500kg big-bags or other packing on request. Please contact Wegochem or request a quote of Glycine today.


(Glycina, Glycine, Glisin, Glicina, Glycin, Glycine)

Posted on March 12, 2021