Wego Chemical Group is one of the leading global suppliers of Sodium Ferrocyanide Decahydrate. It is also known as Yellow Prussiate of Soda and can be found under CAS number 14434-22-1 (or 13601-19-9 in Europe), EINECS number 237-081-9 and E-number E535. In some countries, like Germany, it goes by the Synonym Sodium Hexacyanoferrate or Tetrasodium Hexacyanoferrate Decahydrate.

The molecular formula of Sodium Ferrocyanide Decahydrate is Na4Fe (CN)6 · 10H2O and we can offer it as transparent crystals.

Sodium Ferrocyanide Decahydrate is prepared on an industrial scale by reacting hydrogen cyanide with ferrous chloride and calcium hydroxide. The solution of this reaction is treated with sodium salts and later with sodium carbonate to create Sodium Ferrocyanide. The ferrocyanides are less toxic than many salts of cyanide, because they tend not to release free cyanide.

Next to the production of Sodium Ferrocyanide, Potassium Ferrocyanide can also be supplied upon request.

Sodium Ferrocyanide can be used as anti-caking agent in road and Food grade salt and in food additives. This product is also fully Reach registered by Wego for delivery in Europe.

As a leading supplier, Wego provides efficient and reliable logistics management, handling, stocking and delivery of chemical products like Sodium Ferrocyanide. We have local stocks available in various warehouses across USA, South America and Europe and can deliver in 20kg bags, in 500kg big-bags or other packaging size on request. Please contact Wego Chemical or request a quote of Sodium Ferrocyanide today.


(Decahidrato de Ferrocianuro de Sodio, Ferrocyanure de Sodium Décahydraté, Sodyum Ferrosiyanür Dekahidrat, Ferrocianeto de Sódio Decahidratado, Natriumferrocyanid-Decahydrat, Ferrocianuro di Sodio Decaidrato)

Posted on March 12, 2021