Wego Chemicals Group is the main global supplier of Thiourea Dioxide. Thiourea Dioxide can be found under the CAS number 1758-73-2 and the EINECS number 217-157-8. The molecular formula of Thiourea Dioxide is CH4N2O2S. Alternative names for Thiourea Dioxide are Formamidinesulfinic Acid, DegaFAS, Reducing Agent F and Depilor.

Thiourea Dioxide is prepared on an industrial scale by oxidizing thiourea with hydrogen peroxide. Thiourea Dioxide can be used as a bleaching and reducing agent.

We can offer shipments in various packaging options to meet our customers’ requirements and all our packaging types are UN approved. This product is also fully Reach registered by Wego for delivery in Europe.

As key global supplier, Wego Chemicals Group provides efficient and reliable logistics management, handling, stocking and delivery of chemical products like Thiourea Dioxide. We have local stocks available in various warehouses across USA, South America and Europe. Please contact Wegochem or request a quote of Thiourea Dioxide today.


(Dióxido de Tiourea, Dioxyde de Thiourée, Tiyoüre Dioksit, Dióxido de Tioureia, Thioharnstoffdioxid, Biossido di Tiourea)

Posted on March 24, 2021