Wego Chemical Group is a leading supplier of Erythritol Food Grade in the USA, South America and Europe. It can be found under CAS number 149-32-6, EINECS number 205-737-3 and E-number E968. Erythritol has the molecular formula C4H10O4 and we can offer it as crystalline powder.

Erythritol is the naturally occurring chemical compound made from corn using enzymes and fermentation. It is a Polyol or Sugar Alcohol that is used as a food additive and sugar substitute. It is added in food and beverages as a sweetener and flavor enhancer. Erythritol is a naturally zero calorie food additive.

As a leading supplier, Wego provides efficient and reliable logistics management, handling, stocking, and delivery of chemical products like Erythritol and can offer shipments in multiple packing sizes. We have local stocks available in various warehouses across the United States (USA), South America and Europe. Please contact Wego Chemical or request a quote of Erythritol today.


(Eritritol, Érythritol, Erythrit, Eritritolo)

Posted on March 31, 2021