Wego is a global supplier of Benzoic Acid

Wego Chemical Group is a leading global supplier and distributor of simple aromatic carboxylic acids such as Benzoic Acid, both in FCC and Technical grades. Benzoic Acid is a colorless crystalline solid. Benzoic Acid (CAS #: 65-85-0) has the molecluar formula C7H6O2. It can be found under CAS # 65-85-0 or EINECS # 200-618-2. It is also referred to as E210, its code for European food additives

Benzoic Acid was originally discovered by chemists and natural scientists in the early 1500s. Knowledge of it continued to develop through the centuries. In the early 1800s, its composition was determined by two chemists. Later in that century, scientists learned how to use it for practical purposes—notably, as an antifungal substance. 

Benzoic Acid is a naturally occuring compound in plants. Its function is to serve as an intermediate in the biosynthesis of non-essential organic compounds within the plant. Benzoic Acid is also widely produced for commercial and industrial use. It is synthesized using readily available raw materials, via partial oxidation of toluene with oxygen, with either cobalt or manganese naphthenates serving as a catalyst. Synthesis of Benzoic Acid in laboratories is also commonplace, by hydrolysis, from benzaldehyde, bromobenzene, benzyl alcohol, and more. 

Two of the primary uses for Benzoic Acid is to produce phenol via oxidative decarboxylation, which is often ultimately used in the synthesis of nylons, and as a precursor to plasticizers and Benzoyl Chloride. Other common applications for Benzoic Acid are in the production of corrosion inhibitors, coatings, textile auxiliariesadhesives and sealants, animal feed and nutritional products, inks and digital inks, and pharmaceuticals. Benzoic Acid also has uses in agricultural products, as food additives and flavor additives, and in the synthesis of many benzoates.

As a leading supplier and distributor, Wego provides efficient and reliable logistics management, handling, stocking, and delivery of chemical products like Benzoic Acid, and can offer shipments in multiple packing sizes. Please contact Wego or request a quote or sample of Benzoic Acid today.

Posted on April 4, 2016