Wego can now offer PVA in Peru and Colombia!

Wego Chemical Group can now provide Polyvinyl Alcohol CAS 9002-89-5 in Peru and Colombia


We now have Polyvinyl Alcohol, CAS 9002-89-5, available in different forms and grades in Peru and Colombia, in response to the great demand and need of the market to have high quality products. Wego has specialized people with extensive knowledge in the trends and regulations of the national market and a logistics chain that delivers to your door.


It is commercially produced through polyvinyl acetate and is commonly available in the forms of partially and fully hydrolyzed PVA.

Some of the characteristics of PVA CAS 9002-89-5 are:

  • High biodegradability and resistance to grease, oils and odors so it is great for film forming and emulsifying.
  • It is odorless, tasteless, translucent and is commonly used as a moisture barrier in pharmaceutical products, such as medicines and supplements.
  •  High chemical and thermal stability with a low manufacturing cost.
  • Non-toxic, with moisture and air barrier properties.


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  • PVA CAS 9002-89-5 is used to manufacture paper and board coatings, water-soluble films, release liners and coatings. As a result, it finds extensive applications in the paper industry, food packaging, construction, electronics, coatings, printing, textile, and cosmetics.
  • PVA is extensively used as a binding and coating agent in food packaging materials.
  • Furthermore, there's widespread adoption of PVA CAS 9002-89-5 for the manufacturing of water-soluble and disposable packaging for detergents, dyes and agricultural products.
  • It can also be turned into solid sheets, tapes or strings to create a mesh-type stocking for fishing and marine activities.
  • There are various product innovations, such as the development of PVA-based bio composite films with higher biodegradability, water absorption and filler loading capacities.



PVA; PVOH; PVAI; Vinylon; Alcohol polivinílico, 9002-89-5.


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PRODUCT NAME                Polyvinyl Alcohol

CAS #                                     9002-89-5

EINECS #                               209-183-3



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PVA; PVOH; PVAI; Vinylon; Alcohol polivinílico, 9002-89-5.




Posted on September 16, 2022