Wego can now supply Sorbitol in Colombia

Wego can now supply Sorbitol CAS 50-70-4 in Colombia


In response to the great demand and need of the market to have high quality products, people specialized in the trends and regulations of the national market and a logistics chain that delivers to your door, we are expanding throughout Latin America.

Wego is glad to announce our new office in Colombia, where you can find Sorbitol CAS 50-70-4, which is a type of carbohydrate called a sugar alcohol, or polyol.

  • Sorbitol contains about one-third fewer calories than sugar and is 60% as sweet.
  • Sorbitol CAS 50-70-4 occurs naturally in a variety of berries and fruits (e.g., apples and blackberries).
  • Sorbitol’s safety has been confirmed by global health authorities, but when it is eaten in excessive amounts, it can cause gastrointestinal discomfort.


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  • Sorbitol is largely used as a low-calorie sweetener, a humectant, a texturizer, or a softener in baked goods, chocolates, frozen desserts, hard candies, sugar-free chewing gum and snack bars.
  • Although it can help with the preservation of food due to its humectant property, it is not a preservative.
  • It is also used as a stabilizer in pharmaceutical products.
  • Sorbitol CAS 50-70-4 can be used for manufacturing surfactants of the non-ionic type - widely used in food, cosmetics, dyes and paints.



 D-sorbitol, 50-70-4, E420, D-glucitol.



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PRODUCT NAME                   Sorbitol

CAS #                                    50-70-4

EINECS #                             200-061-5



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 D-sorbitol, 50-70-4, E420, D-glucitol.





Posted on October 25, 2022