Wego can now supply Sodium Erythorbate in Peru

Wego can now supply Sodium Erythorbate CAS 6381-77-7 in Peru


In response to the great demand and need of the market to have high quality products, people specialized in the trends and regulations of the national market and a logistics chain that delivers to your door, we are expanding throughout Latin America.

Wego is glad to announce our new office in Peru, where you can find Sodium Erythorbate CAS 6381-77-7 FCC or tech grade, which is a highly refined food-grade chemical, synthesized from sugar, and mainly used as a color fixative in preparing cured meats.


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  • Sodium Erythorbate CAS 6381-77-7, is an antioxidant preservative. In meat curing, such as hams, sausage, bacon, or poultry, it controls and accelerates the nitrite curing reaction and maintains the red color brightness.
  • Chemically, Sodium Erythorbate is a stereoisomer of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), but it itself has no nutritional value.
  • Sodium Erythorbate CAS 6381-77-7, is gluten free. Sodium Erythorbate should be safe for patients with celiac and other gluten-related disorders.
  • The Panel noted that the acute toxicity of erythorbic acid or sodium erythorbate is low, there was no indication of adverse effects from the available subchronic toxicity studies, therefore there is no concern with respect to their genotoxicity and carcinogenicity.



2,3-Didehydro-3-O-Sodio-D-Erythro-Hexono-1,4-Lactone; Eritorbato de sodio, 6381-77-7.



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PRODUCT NAME                Sodium Erythorbate

CAS #                                     6381-77-7

EINECS #                               228-973-9



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2,3-Didehydro-3-O-Sodio-D-Erythro-Hexono-1,4-Lacton; Eritorbato de Sodio, 6381-77-7.


Posted on November 8, 2022