Wego Chemical is now offering Benzoic Acid in Brazil

Wego Chemical Group is now offering Benzoic Acid CAS 65-85-0 in northeastern Brazil


With 40 years in the market and more than 20 years present in Latin America, Wego is opening its new office in Peru, where you can find high quality Benzoic Acid FCC and Benzoic Acid Tech Grade.

Benzoic acid CAS 65-85-0 is said to be an aromatic carboxylic acid, it is the simplest one and has a faint and pleasant odor.

This product is widely used in various industries, mainly cosmetics and Food & Beverage.


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  • Benzoic Acid, CAS 65-85-0, is most widely used to produce a wide range of products such as perfumes, dyes, topical drugs and insect repellents.
  • The salt of benzoic acid (sodium benzoate) is widely used as a food pH adjuster and preservative, stopping microbes from developing to keep food healthy.
  • Benzoic acid, CAS 65-85-0, is a commonly used antimicrobial preservative in food and beverages, especially in carbonated beverages, as it presents its strongest antibacterial activity at a pH of 2.5 – 4.0. It has inhibitory effects on the proliferation of bacteria and yeasts, a major cause of food spoilage.
  • As a preservative, benzoic acid, CAS 65-85-0, possesses a wide variety of cosmetic applications, including product stabilizer, fragrance additive, and emollient. For this reason, it can be found diversely throughout products such as sunscreens, lipsticks, and lotions.
  • It has also been used as a textile dye carrier.



Purox B®, E210, Benzoic Acid FCC, Benzoic Acid Tech, Benzenecarboxylic Acid, 65-85-0.



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PRODUCT NAME                Benzoic Acid

CAS #                                    65-85-0

EINECS #                              200-618-2



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Purox B®, E210, Benzoic Acid FCC, Benzoic Acid Tech, Benzenecarboxylic Acid,

65-85-0 82-4.-76-1.

Posted on December 19, 2022