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Wego is now offering Dextrose, guaranteeing the quality that characterizes us in our products and services. Wego has the capability to stock and sell Dextrose in the United States (USA), Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, and Europe. As a supplier of Dextrose, Wego provides supply chain solutions and specialists to find the right product for  different industries and applications.

Glucose, also called dextrose, is one of a group of carbohydrates known as simple sugars (monosaccharides).

Dextrose, CAS 50-99-7, is a type of simple sugar derived from corn. It has many uses in food and medicine, including as a sweetener and as a treatment for low blood sugar and dehydration.


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Simple sugars, including dextrose, fructose, and glucose, appear in foods such as table sugar, honey, and bread.

Dextrose often appears in foods as an artificial sweetener and ingredients such as fructose corn syrup.

Aside from sweetening food, dextrose may also help neutralize food that is otherwise very spicy or salty.

Also, some companies add Dextrose, CAS 50-99-7, to certain products to extend their shelf life.

Compared to sucrose (table sugar), dextrose is about 20% less sweet which allows bakers to take advantage of its bulking and preservative benefits without making the end product overly sweet.



D-glucose, D-Glucose, dextroglucose, glucose.



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PRODUCT NAME                 Dextrose

CAS #                                     50-99-7



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Ace D-glucose, D-Glucose, dextroglucose, glucose.

tic Acid Sodium Salt, Anhydrous Sodium Acetate.



Posted on May 15, 2023