Recognizing World Water Day

Wego would like to recognize World Water Day, held on March 22 every year. It’s a United Nations Observance focusing on the importance of freshwater, and the World Water Day theme for 2024 is ‘Water for Peace’, aimed at leveraging our water to promote prosperity and peace in our world and within our communities.

There are billions of people living without access to safe, clean water, and as populations grow, the importance of this issue becomes more and more apparent. World Water Day is an opportunity to raise awareness for the mass reliance we have on water and those who don’t have access to freshwater, and the positive effect that may come from cooperating and uniting on this issue.


We’d like to take this moment to emphasize our water treatment chemicals, which may aid in keeping our water clean and free from bacteria, parasites, and other infectants. Here are some of our key water treatment chemicals:

  • 1-Hydroxyethylidene-1, 1-Diphosphonic Acid (HEDP) – CAS: 2809-21-4
  • 2-Acrylamido-2-Methyl-1-Propanesulfonic Acid Sodium Salt Solution (ATBS) – CAS: 5165-97-9
  • 2-Phosphonobutane-1,2,4-Tricarboxylic Acid (PBTC) – CAS: 37971-36-1
  • Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid (ATMP) – CAS: 6419-19-8
  • Cyanuric Acid – CAS: 108-80-5
  • Diethylenetriamine Pentanmethylene Phosphonic Acid (DTPMP) – CAS: 15827-60-8
  • Hydrolyzed Polymaleic Anhydride (HPMA) – CAS: 26099-09-2
  • Hydroxyphosphono-Acetic Acid (HPAA) – CAS: 23783-26-8
  • Sodium Acetate Anhydrous – CAS: 127-09-3
  • Sodium Fluoride – CAS: 7681-49-4
  • Sodium Silicofluoride – CAS: 16893-85-9


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Posted on March 22, 2024