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Wego offers TMA, guaranteeing the quality that characterizes us in our products and services. Wego has the capability to stock and sell TMA in the United States (USA), Brazil, Mexico, Colombia Turkey, and Europe. As a supplier of TMA, Wego provides supply chain solutions and specialists to find the right product for different industries and applications.


TMA stands for Trimellitic Anhydride. It is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C9H4O5, consisting of three carboxyl groups attached to a benzene ring.

TMA exhibits excellent thermal stability, which is a desirable characteristic in many applications, particularly in the production of high-performance polymers like polyimides. Also, is typically soluble in common organic solvents such as acetone, methanol, and ethyl acetate but it tends to absorb moisture from the atmosphere, which can affect its handling and storage properties.


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Trimellitic anhydride (TMA) holds significant importance in various industrial applications, primarily within the chemical and polymer sectors. As a crucial precursor in the synthesis of specialty polymers, TMA serves as a building block for high-performance materials such as polyimides and polyester resins. These polymers find extensive use in aerospace, automotive, electronics, and coatings industries due to their exceptional thermal stability, mechanical strength, and chemical resistance. Moreover, TMA plays a vital role in the production of heat-resistant coatings and adhesives, contributing to the enhancement of material durability and performance in demanding environments.

Additionally, TMA CAS 552-30-7; serves as a key intermediate in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and specialty chemicals. Its versatile chemical properties enable the synthesis of various compounds utilized in pharmaceutical formulations, agricultural pesticides, and specialty additives. With its ability to undergo diverse chemical transformations, TMA facilitates the creation of complex molecular structures, allowing for the development of innovative products across multiple industries. As research and technological advancements continue to drive the demand for high-performance materials and specialty chemicals, the versatile applications of TMA are expected to remain integral to the advancement of various sectors, contributing to the development of cutting-edge products and solutions.



TMA, Benzene-1,2,4-Tricarboxylic Acid 1,2-Anhydride; Anhídrido trimetílico, 552-30-7.



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Posted on April 9, 2024