Wego is a global supplier of Dimethyl Carbonate (DMC)

Wego Chemical Group is a leading global supplier and distributor of organic compounds such as Dimethyl Carbonate. It can be found under CAS # 616-38-6 or EINECS # 210-478-4. Dimethyl Carbonate has the molecluar formula C3H6O3, and is commonly referred to by its acronym, DMC, or sometimes simply as Methyl Carbonate.

Dimethyl Carbonate is one of numerous organic carbonates that are esters of Dibutyl Carbonate, i.e. Carbonic Acid. It takes the appearance of a clear, colorless liquid, and emanates an alcohol-like odor. It has a molar mass of 90.08 g·mol−1, a density between 1.069-1.073 g/mL, a freezing point of 2-4°C and a boiling point of 90°C. DMC is soluble in water at .139 g/mL, but DMC is hydrolyzed in water systems over time to Methanol and Carbon Dioxide without proper buffers. 

Dimethyl Carbonate is widely produced for commercial and industrial use. It is synthesized in a variety of ways. One common synthesis is via the transesterificiation of Ethylene Carbonate or Propylene Carbonate with Methanol. These syntheses also yield Ethylene Glycol (not to be mistaken with Diethylene Glycol) and Propylene Glycol, respectively. Another method of Dimethyl Carbonate synthesis is done using a reaction of Carbon Monoxide, Methanol, and Oxygen. A third form of synthesis is no longer practiced, but is done by the reaction of Phosgene with Methanol via Methyl Chloroformate. Producers have moved away from this synthesis method due to the undesirable toxicity of Phosgene. 

One of DMC's primary industrial uses are as a solvent, where it is classified as VOC exempt by the US EPA. Numerous coating resins can be dissolved in DMC due to its solubility and evaporation characteristics. It is often used as a substitute for Methyl Ethyl Ketone, TBAc, and PCBTF. Other uses of Dimethyl Carbonate include as a methylating reagent, where it holds advantages over other compounds due to its relatively low toxicity. It is also used to produce other polycarbonates, such as diphenylcarbonate and Bisphenol-A-polycarbonate.

Other usages of DMC include its function as a component in adhesives and inks products, as well as in oil field services and as a petroleum additive

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Posted on April 20, 2016