Wego Officially NACD Verified!

Wego Chemical Group has just completed its NACD verification, and is now formally recognized as a Member of the NACD's Responsible Distribution program.

The NACD is a national (USA) association of chemical distributors & supply chain partners that process, formulate, blend, re-package, warehouse, transport, and market chemical products for over 750k customers. Members must commit to NACD’s Responsible Distribution program, which requires:

  • Continuous improvement in protecting health, safety, security & environment
  • Commitment to product stewardship & responsible distribution in every phase of chemical lifecycle

Wego’s Responsible Distribution program includes:

  • Emergency Action Plan for off-site chemical spills and on-site emergencies
  • Formal evaluations to verify 3PLs’ continued commitment to safety, security & environmental protection
  • Procedures for moving high risk products (including DEA and CWC)
  • Annual internal audits to identify & implement corrective and preventive actions
  • Labor & human rights policies, health & safety management system, business ethics program

About Responsible Distribution

In nearly 45 years of service to its members, NACD has placed the highest priority on the health, safety, and security of employees, communities, and the environment.

In December 1991, the member companies of NACD undertook as its most important mission the inception of Responsible Distribution, developed by NACD members for NACD members. In 2016, NACD celebrated 25 years of improving safety and performance through Responsible Distribution.

Responsible Distribution is a mandatory third-party verified environmental, health, safety & security program that lets members demonstrate their commitment to continuous performance improvement in every phase of chemical storage, handling, transportation, and disposal. NACD members play a leadership role in their communities as information resources and are eager to provide the same assistance and guidance to local, state, and federal legislators on technical issues relating to the safe handling, storage, transportation, use, and disposal of chemical products.

Key Benefits of Responsible Distribution

  • Lower occurrences of safety and environmental incidents
  • Enjoy better documentation of company policies
  • Employ practices of excellence and quality systems throughout your operations
  • Engage in better communication with local communities
  • Reduce audit costs and time spent on audits
  • Save on insurance expenses
  • Improve marketplace visibility and earn credibility through performance

Please click here to view NACD Responsible Distribution's Guiding Principles.

Posted on November 21, 2017