Wego is a global supplier of Organoclay (Organophilic Clay)

Wego Chemical Group is leading global supplier and distributor of Organoclay. It is commonly referred to as organophilic clay. Organoclay is an organically modified clay mineral. Due to its large surface area and hydrophobic nature of clay surface, the Organoclay is used to remove oil from water. It is also applied as a viscosifier for drilling fluids. Organoclay removes oil and grease effectively, and it can also be used as filter media in processes involving wastewater treatment.

As a leading supplier and distributor, Wego provides efficient and reliable logistics management, handling, stocking, and delivery of chemical products like Organoclay, and can offer shipments in multiple packing sizes. Please contact Wego or request a quote or sample of Organoclay today.

Posted on May 7, 2018