Wego is a global supplier of Succinic Acid

Wego Chemical Group is leading global supplier and distributor of Succinic Acid. It can be found under CAS # 110-15-6 or EINECS # 203-740-4. Succinic Acid has the molecular formula C4H6O4, and commonly referred by its synonym butanedioic acid.

Succinic Acid is a white, odorless crystalline solid with melting point between 184-190 °C and boiling point of 235 °C. It is soluble in water and readily ionizes to form its conjugate base succinate. Succinic Acid has a wide range of application. It is used as a chemical intermediate in pharmaceutical industry. Succinic Acid is also used to make resins and coatings. It is also used in making dyes, adhesives & sealants. In the food industry Succinic Acid is used as a food additive. It contains natural acids that can be found in variety of foods such as sugar beets, broccoli, and meat extracts etc.

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Posted on March 5, 2019