Wego is a global supplier of Sodium Hydrosulfide

Wego Chemical Group is a leading global supplier and distributor of electrolyes such as Sodium Hydrosulfide, both in dry flake and liquid forms. It can be found under CAS # 16721-80-5 or EINECS # 240-778-0. Sodium Hydrosulfide has the molecluar formula NaSH, and can also be referred to by its synonyms: Sodium Bisulfide, Sodium Hydrogen Sulfide, and Sodium Sulfhydrate.

In solid flake form, Sodium Hydrosulfide is flammable and has a colorless or slightly off-white appearance, with an oder similar to H2S. It is a deliquescent material, and as such it is often found and used as a liquid in an acqueous solution form. It is soluble in water (50g/100mL at 22°C), alcohol, and ether. Sodium Hydrosulfide has large global commercial consumption; it is manufactured for commercial and industrial use via synthesis of Sodium Methoxide with Hydrogen Sulfide. 

Sodium Hydrosulfide's primary uses are as a flotation reagent. Adding certain amounts of Sodium Hydrosulfide to substances helps to selectively separate hydrophobic components—ones that naturally repel water—from hydrophilic components—ones that naturally absorb and dissolve in water. The flotation process is highly valuable in the usage and recovery of valuable natural resources, and as such flotation reagents like Sodium Hydrosulfide are widely used in the mining of salts and metals. In copper mining, for example, Sodium Hydrosulfide is widely used to activate oxide mineral species. 

Other usages of Sodium Hydrosulfide include as a textile auxiliary—most notably in leathers. Its purpose in leather processing is similarly as a flotation reagent used to rid raw animal hides of their natural hair follicles, in order to eventually ready the leather for commercial uses like in furniture and clothing manufacturing. Further uses of Sodium Hydrosulfide include in agriculturemetal working, and oil field services, as well as in the production of construction materials, household and industrial cleaners, inks and digital inksdyes in particular, plastics, resins and rubber, and pulp and paper products

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Posted on April 15, 2016