N-CADM Corrosion Inhibitor
Chemical overview


A new mixed organic amine alcohol ester product with a hydrophilic group. Concrete with corrosion-inhibiting admixtures, the N-atom molecules adsorbed onto the surface of steel to form a dense and orderly chemical protective film, so that the corrosive electric potential shifts and decrease. Corrosion can be effectively prevented from chlorides, sulfates, calcium and magnesium ions, carbonization or stray current, prolonging the service life of reinforced concrete structures. Applicable to all types of marine engineering, hydraulic engineering, industrial and civil construction with steel corrosion requirements, construction located in saline areas, or buildings using sea-sand or low alkalinity cement materials.

This product complies with standard of JT / T 537-2004 "reinforced concrete rust inhibitor". Good corrosion resistance performance: it is mixed type rust inhibitor and excellent performance in salt water immersion and electrochemical test. Little effect on the setting time of concrete. Setting time difference of concrete with corrosion-inhibiting admixture is -60 ~+ 120min. No adverse effect on the compressive strength. Compressive strength ratio of concrete with corrosion inhibitor are over 100% at 7d and 28d. Good durability. Can be dispersed effectively in the porous structure of concrete, which improve the impermeability of concrete, anti-carbonation, anti-wet-dry cycle (90 times) and anti-freeze-thaw cycle durability greatly. Excellent adaptability. Good compatibility with various additives and no effect to the workability of concrete. Environmentally friendly and nitrite free. Stable performance. Non-toxic, non-irritating, non-radioactive, non-flammable and non-explosive.

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