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WM-1070 are toughening agents for cement based materials. WM-1070A is new generation, environment-friendly water reducing agent. An innovative polycarboxylatesuperplasticizer, with hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups, showing high dispersion and water-reducing effects. WM-1070 products are strong in crack prevention. When combined, they create stereoscopic static structures, with closer cement particles, maintaining higher water-reducing performance levels. They also increase molecular structure of cement adhesives, effectively improving flexural strength and reducing cracking.
Toughening performance. Can significantly improve the flexural strength of cement-based materials. Water reducing performance. Excellent dispersion properties to cement and other cement-based materials. Anti-cracking performance. Effectively prevents cracking of cement-based materials.

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Wego Chemical Group is a WM-1070A supplier. Wego supplies WM-1070A to various industries for a variety of applications and uses. Wego is an importer of WM-1070A to numerous countries around the world. Manufacturers rely on Wego for a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective supply of WM-1070A. Wego works with competitive and reliable manufacturers of WM-1070A to provide supply chain solutions for our customers.

Wego supplies WM-1070A to users/customers for Construction Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals.