WMZ-1 Mother Liquor
Chemical overview


WMZ-1 products are based on polyol molecules and compounded with other organic grinding compounds. They can be used as auxiliary grinding fluids. They can also be mixed with other materials to ensure the strength of the cement. They are used in the production of grinding aids, can reduce the consumption of more expensive raw materials (such as TEA), without compromising cement strength. Green, non-chlorine, and non-flammable. Production of liquid cement grinding aid with this raw material, can completely replace the original formulation of organic compound can also be partially replaced. This product does not react with other components in the conventional grinding aids and has stable performance, and can provide the recommended finished product compounding process according to customer requirements. Mixed with other materials to make cement grinding aids, early and late strength of cement can significantly improve, while reducing the cost of grinding aids and cement.

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Wego Chemical Group is a WMZ-1 Mother Liquor supplier. Wego supplies WMZ-1 Mother Liquor to various industries for a variety of applications and uses. Wego is an importer of WMZ-1 Mother Liquor to numerous countries around the world. Manufacturers rely on Wego for a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective supply of WMZ-1 Mother Liquor. Wego works with competitive and reliable manufacturers of WMZ-1 Mother Liquor to provide supply chain solutions for our customers.

Wego supplies WMZ-1 Mother Liquor to users/customers for Construction Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals.